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Accelerating the discovery of diagnostics and treatment for neurodegenerative diseases by removing barriers to data and biosample sharing and fostering collaboration

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Discover more than 75 neurodegenerative disease research studies in Europe and beyond. Provide information about your studies, data and biosamples to increase the discoverability of your research.

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EPND is creating new pathways for collaborative research

The European Platform for Neurodegenerative Diseases (EPND) is a consortium of multidisciplinary public and private sector partners in neurodegenerative disease research. Our mission is to accelerate the discovery of diagnostics and treatments by removing barriers to data and sample sharing and fostering collaboration.

Together, we’re growing a European network and community to enable the discovery of samples and data from more than 75 clinical studies, supporting researchers and fueling new breakthroughs.

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The EPND Catalogue

The EPND Catalogue includes an ever-growing collection of research studies covering 13 disease areas with more than 240,000 participants from across Europe. Within the EPND Catalogue, users can:

  • Search, filter, and discover study metadata.
  • Directly engage with study owners to spark new collaborations and share data and biosamples.
  • Make research discoverable to increase potential for collaborations, funding, and grants.

Explore the enhanced EPND Catalogue

Access resources to advance your work

The EPND Consortium produces invaluable resources to accelerate neurodegenerative disease research, including standard operating procedures for biomarker research, biobanking, and data protection and sharing.

We’re elevating the work of our members in spotlight articles focused on the experts behind the research. Our case studies and scientific publications share successes and learnings across EPND.

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Building Novel Solutions

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Establish a data and sample-sharing platform

EPND has created a single point of access for data sharing, discovery, and analysis for available studies, datasets and biosamples with infrastructure and processes to ensure long-term sustainability for data access and reuse. The EPND Catalogue includes information on data and biosamples from more than 75 studies, provides tools for users across disciplines, and primes unprecedented discovery and sharing for essential research.

Facilitate connection and multidisciplinary collaboration

EPND facilitates new research connections and removes barriers to multidisciplinary collaboration to drive innovation for a diverse community in Europe and beyond. Users can connect with study owners to request data and biosamples and spark research collaborations. Study owners can share information on their research to increase discoverability and use.

Accelerate research in biomarker discovery

Large-scale biomarker research is critical to developing more accurate treatments and diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases. EPND develops best-in-class policies and procedures for ethical data stewardship with GDPR compliance at the forefront, facilitating large-scale analyses by reducing the burden on participating cohorts and data contributors. Learnings and data generated from biomarker case studies are being incorporated into the EPND platform to drive continued innovation, enabling researchers to discover data and samples to answer new research questions.

Build for long term sustainability

EPND utilises best-in-class policies and procedures for ethical data stewardship, optimising these procedures to reduce the burden on participating cohorts and data contributors. The resources and operating strategies for the EPND platform are being developed with sustainability in mind, ensuring EPND will be a self-sustaining entity by the end of 2026.

Planning for the biggest impact

EPND combines technology, security, and governance for real, collective progress on neurodegenerative diseases.

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Building on the AD Workbench

EPND leverages the Alzheimer's Disease Data Initiative’s AD Workbench, a world-class data and resource-sharing platform that enables connection and multidisciplinary collaboration across a global community of users.

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Creating a new standard for data sharing

EPND prioritises patient privacy and implements best-in-class procedures and legal, ethical, and operational regulations to ensure collective data security and compliance.

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Ensuring data quality

Sharing of high-quality data and biosamples leads to groundbreaking research. EPND standardises and harmonises data to create highly discoverable, trustworthy, and interoperable content for researchers.

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Expanding collaboration

EPND is a collective effort designed to incorporate feedback from researchers, the diagnostic and biopharma industry, subject matter experts, regulators, patients, and caregivers. Please join our efforts to help shape the future of neurodegenerative diseases.

The people that power EPND

Empowering collaboration 29 Public & private partners

The EPND Consortium connects public and private leaders in neurodegenerative research and treatment from across Europe to accelerate progress.

Jumpstarting discovery 65+ Existing cohorts

EPND brings together more than 65 studies to multiply their efforts and amplify their ability to create breakthroughs.

Building community 19 Countries

EPND unites a multidisciplinary, international community of users and contributors in the European Union, all working toward the same goal — to accelerate breakthroughs in neurodegenerative disease research.

About the Technology

EPND is built on and powered by the Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative’s AD Workbench, an open, global, and easy-to-use platform that allows researchers worldwide to share and access data. The AD Workbench provides infrastructure for free data sharing, state-of-the-art computational resources and data science tools, and global collaboration opportunities.

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AD Workbench

The Alzheimer's Disease Data Initiative’s AD Workbench is an open, global, and easy-to-use platform that makes it possible for researchers around the world to share and access data. The AD Workbench provides infrastructure for free data sharing, state-of-the art computational resources and data science tools, and global collaboration opportunities.

FAIR Data Discovery

Data discoverability is a core need for advancements in neurodegenerative research. The Alzheimer's Disease Data Initiative’s use of FAIR data services facilitates simple search functionality for datasets and clinical samples.

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