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Transdisciplinary EPND glossary presented at 2024 ADI conference

Our partner Marina Boccardi of DZNE presents the EPND Glossary, a tool designed to enhance transdisc...

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Cohort Profile: the OPDC Discovery study

The OPDC Discovery study looks at how movement and cognition changes with normal ageing and during t...

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EPND Catalogue User Guide

Step-by-step instructions to make research discoverable on the EPND Catalogue ...

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Announcing the Enhanced EPND Catalogue

Explore improved visibility and discoverability of an expanded research collection in the enhanced E...

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EPND featured at the AD Data Initiative symposium

Our co-Lead, Phil Scordis, shared the mission, goals and outcomes of EPND at the AD/PD conference, d...

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Sponsored symposium at AD/PD 2024 features EPND

Our project co-Lead, Phil Scordis, will present EPND at a sponsored symposium on data and sample sha...

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Research blog: analysis of CSF biomarkers reveals five molecular subtypes of AD

In a new Nature Aging paper, EPND researchers characterise five molecular subtypes of Alzheimer's di...

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Watch the Biobanking Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures webinar

This webinar featured presentations of our SOPs and Best Practice guides, to support researchers in ...

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EPND participates in multi-project public involvement event

At the first event of its kind, EPND engaged with people affected by Alzheimer's disease and related...

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EPND featured at the 33rd Alzheimer Europe conference in Helsinki

EPND was featured at a Special Symposium on new discoveries from shared data, at the 33rd Annual Alz...

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EPND biomarker best practices workshop: meet the speakers!

Meet the EPND experts in biomarker discovery, development, validation, who will share learnings and ...

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Register for our Workshop on Biomarker Best Practices

This public workshop, organised by EPND's Biomarker workstream, will share standard operating proced...

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World Alzheimer's Day research blog: a new screening workflow for Alzheimer's disease

In a special feature for World Alzheimer's Day, we discuss a recent implementation study that has id...

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EPND featured at 2023 Alzheimer's Association International Conference

EPND was well-represented at this year's AAIC conference, with posters and a presence in the exhibit...

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EPND partner profile: Charlotte Teunissen

Professor Teunissen is an expert on biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis, leadi...

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Deliverable 3.2: Best practices for biobanking

This report provides guidance on harmonisation and standardisation of biosamples, addressing challen...

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Deliverable 3.3: SOP for body materials collection

This SOP provides guidance on procedures for collecting different types of biosamples, including pla...

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Deliverable 3.4: SOP for biomarker validation

This technical protocol identifies key parameters for the validation of fluid-based biomarkers...

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Cohort Profile: the BF-PilotAD Study

This cohort profile features the BF-PilotAD cohort, part of the Swedish BioFINDER study. ...

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Parkinson's Awareness Month research blog: PPMI study published in Lancet Neurology

In a final feature for Parkinson's Awareness Month, we present the results of a groundbreaking new b...

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EPND partner profile: Michele Hu

An interview with Professor Michele Hu, a leading Parkinson's disease researcher and co-principal in...

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An interview with the Spanish Parkinson's Federation, and the EPND Parkinson's Advisory Group

In a special article for Parkinson's awareness month, we speak to the president of the Spanish Parki...

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Una entrevista con la Federación Española de Parkinson y el Grupo Asesor de Parkinson

En este artículo especial con motivo del Mes de Concienciación sobre el Parkinson, hablamos con el p...

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EPND poster at AD/PD conference

An ePoster on EPND was presented at the 2023 AD/PD conference...

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Registration still open for Luxembourg conference on precision medicine in Parkinson's disease

26 - 27 January 2023: conference on "Precision medicine in Parkinson's Disease: past lessons and con...

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EPND Annual Meeting welcomes collaborators from our 29 partner organisations

Project consortium members gather in Amsterdam for the first EPND Annual Meeting...

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Frontiers in Neurology publication

Data and sample sharing as an enabler for large-scale biomarker development: the EPND perspective...

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EPND Cohort Catalogue

Discovering research activities and creating collaborations: the EPND Cohort Catalogue ...

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Patient privacy and the GDPR - an interview with Adrian Thorogood

Patient privacy and the GDPR: an EPND interview with Adrian Thorogood...

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Deliverable 2.1: Data Protection Impact Assessment

Identifying, assessing and addressing privacy risks: the EPND DPIA ...

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Patient and caregiver perspectives on research and data sharing: Chris Roberts & Jayne Goodrick

Nothing about us, without all of us: an EPND interview with Chris Roberts and Jayne Goodrick...

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Headlining at AAIC: recommendations for using blood-based biomarker tests in Alzheimer's disease

International Workgroup issues recommendations for the clinical use of blood-based biomarkers in Alz...

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EPND partners organise AAIC workshop on fluid biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease

AAIC workshop on fluid biomarkers features EPND partners, Charlotte Teunissen and Henrik Zetterberg...

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Job opening at BBMRI-ERIC for a Legal Expert

BBMRI-ERIC is recruiting a Legal Expert to join its ELSI team and contribute to EPND and other proje...

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2022 AD/PD Conference

Annual AD/PD conference to feature several EPND partners ...

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New biomarker study published in JAMA Neurology

Large-scale biomarker study provides new prevalence estimates for Alzheimer’s disease brain patholog...

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Alzheimer Europe 2021 Conference

This year’s conference will be held under the motto “Resilience in dementia: Moving beyond the COVID...

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EPND Press Release

New European initiative will build a collaborative platform for data and sample sharing, to accelera...

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CSF Proteomic Alzheimer's Disease

Predictive Subtypes in Cognitively Intact Amyloid Negative Individuals...

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